The Missing Moose

July 10, 2015
The Missing Moose
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Author Notes:

Fri, July 10, 2015
(By the way, this is what caused the delay in update two weeks ago.)

While my mom and I were at my cousin's baby shower, my dad brought home a new Chocolate Lab puppy named Moose. He left the puppy alone in the yard for a few minutes and when he came back the little guy had completely disappeared. After searching the yard to no avail my dad concluded that the puppy had squeezed out through a narrow gap beneath the fence and began a search, which my mom and I joined when we got home just before 8 pm.

By 11 pm it was dark and we had pretty much given up - there was no way we were finding a tiny lost puppy in a huge suburb at night: a puppy that didn't even know us, his name, or his new home. The most we could hope for was that some kind stranger scooped him up to safety, and he wasn't still lost or hurt or worse.

But then we heard a teeny squeal from the backyard...

Moose had climbed up inside one of our snowmobiles that had been covered and stored since last winter, and remained absolutely silent while all three of us, at different points, had scanned the yard for him. We promptly took him in the house and fed and comforted him. So it looks like we really DO have a new puppy, and not just for a single day.