June 12, 2015
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Fri, June 12, 2015
Remember the neighbors who cut down several trees back in comic 11? One of the things that pine tree groves do around here is serve as a windbreak - a clustered grove huddled together is usually enough to withstand gusts and microbursts, and as a result it baffles the wind as gusts blow through.

Several years ago, just north of Spokane, the lot across the highway from a mobile home park in Riverside was clear-cut of pine trees for whatever reason. Then in 2014, a terrible windstorm blew through from the empty lot's direction and impacted directly on the remaining trees in the park, uprooting and snapping dozens of pines and damaging over 40 homes.

A couple of weeks ago our neighbors went through and "thinned" the pine trees in their yard. Then we had a strong storm on the night of May 30. One of the remaining trees, a little pine no longer protected by its bigger comrades, snapped and fell on the neighbors' fence.

Unfortunately it looks like this event has only hardened the neighbors' resolve to remove MORE trees from their yard in the future.