About the Comic

CRash Course is a daily diary comic which occasionally touches on the fantastical.  It began running in April 2015 and has no set end date.  Comics are numbered according to the days elapsed since the comic's inception, so there are often gaps in the numbering due to hiatuses or missed updates. At the moment the bold title above the upload date on every comic keeps the "true count" of how many comics there are, though this might be changed at some future date. This comic was directly inspired by James Kochalka's American Elf and its journal-entry style of storytelling.  The webcomics xkcd, Questionable Content, Mokepon, and Breaking Cat News also inspired CRash Course's style in minor ways.  

This comic is hosted on ComicFury (thank you!) and uses the premade Schroedinger's Layout.  It updates daily when not on hiatus.  New comics generally go up between 12am and 6am Eastern. There is a permanent two-week buffer between the date of any given comic and the date it goes up on the site.

CRash Course is drawn on physical media with simple tools, in two stages. First an initial "sketch layer" is made using a 0.7 mechanical pencil, a transparent ruler, and a 6x9" pad of medium-weight drawing paper.  Then an "ink layer" is created with tracing paper, the ruler, a Papermate Flair pen, and a Marks-a-Lot permanent marker.  The ink layer is scanned, cleaned, and contrast-adjusted in Adobe Photoshop CC before final upload.


About the Author

CRash Course is written and drawn by C. Rash of Mead, Washington, a twenty-six year old millennial still struggling to find purpose in her life.  She has a degree in English (Creative Writing focus) and a minor in Communications from Arizona State University.  In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, doodling, walking, and playing with her year-old Lab named Moose.  To contact the author, private message via ComicFury or send an email to penfujevgre@ubgznvy.pbz (run the address through a rot13 translator to decipher it).


Thanks for checking out the comic!